Second Start Community Garden is a registered non-profit, 60 plot rich, organic garden.  It's managed by and for the community.  In 2019, SSCG raised plots fees from $50 per plot to $60 per plot, still putting these fees well below other area community gardens.  


Historically, roughly 1/3 of registering gardeners fall sometimes significantly below the poverty line, measuring against 45K annual income for a family of 4.  SSCG has a sliding fee scale that supports these families.  

We need your support and since SSCG is a 501c3 registered non-profit, you can tell the tax man about your good deeds.


If you have expertise, funds or tools you'd like to donate, please contact us.  

The following projects are in need of funds and expertise:

  • Path rebuild project (East Side)

  • Compost bin rebuild (West Side)

  • Scaled, actual real drawing of plot lines within the Gardens 


If you have organic plants or seeds you'd like to donate, please contact us.  Thank you!

The following are helpful tools we could use in our commonly used sheds:  

Hand tools

Sharpening tools

Edging tools

Gardening gloves

Sun hats


Clean building lumber

Power cordless tools

Watering timers

Hoses (watering and irrigation)

Garden Sieves 

Clean, matured, organic compost

Organic manure

SSCG would like to thank gardeners past and present for their contribution to this website.   

2019 Second Start Community Garden, a 501(c)(3) Registered Non-Profit 

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