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I'm a life-long gardener from Wisconsin. I moved to Colorado 30 yrs ago and have loved the challenges of gardening here.  2019 is my 17th season gardening at SSCG.  I have served on the Board of Directors in several capacities - currently I'm the Chair of the Board of Directors.  


My husband and I have raised 3 children (& 6 foreign exchange students) in this community.  I'm a retired Product Designer, a Master Gardener -Boulder County (7yrs service), and currently offer Garden Services to select clients.  I keep coming back each year to SSCG for the soil I've built and the great friends I've made through the years - each of whom share wisdom and the love of healthy food and caring for our environment.

Reach out to me if you need assistance with lock combinations, vandalism/personal safety, topics of interest to the Board of Directors, and sharing your produce.

Greetings.  My name is Lynn Siverts, Treasurer on the Board. I've been gardening for over 11 years with SSCG.  I truly enjoy growing organic vegetables and like reconnecting with long time SSCG gardeners as well as meeting new gardeners.  Presently I garden in the westside of the Garden. If you're looking for a mentor, Im glad to be of service.  

Contact me with any questions you have around accounting, donations, payments or refunds.  


Greetings. I planted my first seeds when I was 10. My mother gave me a patch of land beside the garage and I planted zinnias.  I’ve been at the SSCG garden 11 years. I love having a designated place that’s not home. I’m only there to garden and nothing else. 

I’ve a knack for growing beets..reach out if you'd like pointers for growing them.  As Secretary of the Board, I track the happening of the monthly Board Meeting.   They will be published in the newsletter and hopefully, on this website.  Happy Gardening!   

Lead Web Developer, Registrar - Plot Manager
Work Share Coordinators

Hi.  My name is Parker.  Ive been a lifelong off-and-on gardener and with SSCG for three years, 2019 will be my fourth.  I was new to Colorado when I joined SSCG.  The garden is so quiet in the early morning hours, birds chirping, an easy zen space.  Ive loved meeting new gardeners, improving my plot and helping where I can.  Ive learned so much from seasoned gardeners and still have loads to learn.  This year I hope to have a mentor teach me about herbs and flowers.  


If you need assistance with plot rental, problems with neighbors, pets, other people’s kids or weeds, reach out to me or Jan.  

Also, if you have questions or suggestions for social media or this website, reach out to me at this address.

Registrar - Plot Manager

Greetings.  My name is Eric Salva. I've been gardening for 35 years, 10 of which are with SSCG. Communal gardening has enriched my experience by digging in the dirt with like-minded gardeners and learning how to garden in Colorado as we are originally from Pennsylvania.  


As Workshare Coordinator, I hope to work alongside the members to make the garden a more aesthetic environment and communal experience.  

Reach out to me if you'd like to sign up to coordinate a work-share day or if you have any questions related to work-share.  


I have been a gardener my entire life from growing up on a farm in MI. I have had gardens in several places in CO and enjoy growing pole beans, tomatoes, potatoes and various types of squash.

As Workshare Coordinator, I hope to work alongside the members to make the garden a more aesthetic environment and communal experience.


Hi.  I've been gardening with SSCG for 22 years, including 2019. I think Im the only first year gardener that remains today. 


As a child, I gardened with my mother but I wasn’t active. She and my father would plant an early spring garden.  When SSCG started, I was approached by the city of Longmont through mail about this garden.  I met Edwina Salazar (a visionary for SSCG) and we became good friends and I chose to start gardening.  Gardeners that joined those first years helped me a lot.. how to prep soil, planting came easy for me but all the tips and tricks to gardening came from my neighbor gardeners that surrounded me in those early years.


These days Ive taken a keen interest in companion gardening.  If you want companion gardening tips or you're looking for a mentor, come garden near me and welcome!


If you need assistance with plot rental, problems with neighbors, pets, other people’s kids or weeds, reach out to me or Parker.    


I bought my first house and started planting. For 8 or 9 years, I was part of another communal 

garden. I received my master gardener certificate from CSU through the Boulder County Horticultural Center in Longmont.

I’m a newer gardener With SSCG, my first season was 2018.  I love meeting people from every walk of life and I love watching a seed come out of the ground as a seedling. 


Contact me with any ideas for the newsletter, recipes or photos you'd like to share.  

Orchard Manager

Hello and welcome to new gardeners! My name is Kristen, and I've been gardening my entire life. My parents were homesteader-types, and I grew up helping to grow food for our family on a wooded property in upstate New York.  I joined SSCG in 2005 and found that gardening in Colorado is so different from back east!  The kind and helpful people at the community garden have been a great resource for me. 

At this time, I am serving the Board as the Orchard Manager.  I had no prior experience with fruit trees before joining SSCG, and everything I've learned was from the extension office and other gardeners.  

I love gardening in the friendly and supportive atmosphere at SSCG.  It's a wonderful community!

I am always looking for assistants in the orchard.  I'd be glad to have your help if this is an area that you're interested in.  No experience necessary, as this is a learning place and I'd be happy to teach others just as I have been taught.  Reach out!

Social Coordinator

Hello, my name is Aniceto Lopez.  This is my second year gardening with SSCG.  I really enjoyed gardening and learning new things.  I'm super excited to be sitting on the board & I look forward to planning fun and exciting events this summer.  I can't wait to meet all you fellow gardeners.  

Contact me if you'd like to host a Garden Potluck or want to share your expertise in food storage and consumption or any other health or garden related sharing.  

Bee Keepers

Hi my name is Adrian and this will be my second year gardening at SSCG. I am originally from Texas and still find myself trying to adjust to having four seasons in Colorado, instead of just two! I have always had a strong interest in cooking and all things organic. I also love the opportunity the garden provides to teach my kids more about nature and the magic of growing your own food! This year I will be working with a few other gardeners to manage the beehives. Looking forward to a great year!

Contact me with anything bee related!  

Fund Raiser, Web Site Assistant

I started gardening as a poor graduate student at Oklahoma State. I grew mainly tomatoes, peppers and okra which are easy and tasty.


These days, I'm married to a life-long gardener, who persuaded me to join SSCG, so gardening continues to be an important focus for me and my family. I’ve been a member of the community garden since 2002 and I've been on the board in one role or another since 2004. I've been Treasurer, Chairperson, Work Share Organizer and Beekeeper. Given that much time with the garden, it is obvious that I have enjoyed participating in the community garden.


Work share days, where the membership get together to maintain/improve the community pieces of the garden, are especially enjoyable for me. I work in an office everyday and sit at a computer. Getting outside and doing some hands on work is good for me. I enjoy working with other gardeners and getting to know them. There are many intelligent and kind folks at the garden so working and chatting is a pleasure.


I've been a beekeeper for 11 years and have enjoyed it but it is a challenge to keep bees given all the threats they face from mites, pesticides and difficult weather that Colorado sometimes brings. I check the bees about every two weeks in the spring and late fall and every three weeks during the summer. Getting any closer than 10 feet from the bee hive is asking them to sting you. Please stay back. If I am checking them, please stay 100 feet away as sometimes the bees can be ornery when stirred up during an inspection.


For the near future, I work on fund raising for larger projects.  Building a pergola, doing a path rebuild or replacing a shed require thousands of dollars we generally don't have. So, I hope to assist with submitting for grants and donations to help fund these necessary improvements. I like SSCG and its members. I hope you will as well. Come gardening with us.

SSCG would like to thank gardeners past and present for their contribution to this website.   

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